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Mantra alongside Double O are the duo responsible for bringing you those memorable nights of D&B and Dubstep. Since Rupture’s move to the Corsica Studios the night has been bringing together headz that like it deep, dark and drummy. We grab some time with the mother of Rupture, Mantra, in our exclusive Q&A.

Tell us the story behind the alias Mantra?

I went down to the Hardware studios when I was about 17 and didn’t have a DJ name. I met Manifest and was asking him how he got his DJ name. He told me he’d been searching through the dictionary and came across Manifest and liked the name. I went home, looked up Manifest, looked on the other page and saw Mantra and liked it (laughs).

Being completely honest, what was the first record (or cassette or cd) you bought?

It was either MN8 or Ultimate Kaos… big boybands from back in the day! (laughs). DNB wise it was Acidental Hero’s- Closer. I used to go to Blackmarket and be too scared to listen to vinyl because I thought I wouldn’t be able to put the records back in the sleeves or I’d scratch up the records so I’d just stand in the corner and either Profile or Crazyleggs would be mixing and when I liked a tune I’d just put my hand up and say, “can I have that one please?”.

So this is where it began, so how have your musical tastes evolved?

A lot i hope! The more I got into D&B the more I wanted to find new and different sounds. I really got into the Inperspective and Bassbin sound, they were definitely a big influence. Now I really like futuristic deepness, people like Reactiv, Escher, Data, Linden, Double O, Antidote are coming with such wicked experimental sounds that I’m really feeling.

What got you interested in playing plastic and when did you start DJing?

I was always raving it up week in week out and just wanted to get into DJ’ing. The idea of being able to play your favorite tunes to loads of people really loud just appealed to me. I started DJ’ing when I was 16 and just became obsessed by it, all I wanted to do was mix.

Tell us about your first time playing out?

The first time out was at a college house party. I had only been mixing a few months and thought I was going to be sick before I got on the decks. The first time I played in a club was when I was living in Melbourne, Australia and again, I was shaking and just felt so nervous. I still get nervous and think I probably always will, I really believe that it can help you focus and zone into it more.

Are we going to hear any productions from Mantra’s studio?

I’ve got a set up at home and have been getting on the beats a bit but not nearly as much as i should! I’ve done a collaboration with The Untouchables from Belgium called Black Spell and really want to find the time to put more effort into it for 2009.


Rupture has been big this year, when was Rupture formed and how did it happen?

Double O and I started Rupture in April 2006. We just felt that there was a bit of a gap for the kind of music that we were into. Our first night was at Dingwalls a 500 capacity venue on a Sunday. We didn’t do too well but it was a big learning experience and made us realise that we had to start small… very small!

Who are your resident DJ’s and MC’s?

Equinox, Bekah, Panka, Hades, Theory and MC’s Fozz, Blackeye, Joker D, A.D, Bassline.

What are the plans for Rupture in 2009?

Since we moved to Corsica Studios I really feel like it’s a new start for us. I couldn’t ask for a better venue. The space, vibe, drinks prices and above all, sound, is just amazing. We’re planning on doing 4 or 5 parties this year and just want to take it slowly so that we have time to get our line ups right and to promote it really well.

Tell us something we wouldn’t know about one of the Rupture family?

Double O sung on a pop tune back in the day that made it into the top 100 in the charts (laughs).

What is your opinion on the D&B scene during 2008?

I think there was so much amazing music being made, but not that much getting released. It’s a shame but it’s so hard to develop a successful label these days, so a lot of the underground sounds miss out. Instra:mental got a lot of recognition which they deserve… can’t get enough of their music.

Who do you predict will be big come 2009?

Instra:mental (will get even bigger!), Data, Escher, Blocks, June Miller, Double O, Linden and Isotone.

Where can we hear you online?

I play with Double O every Tuesday on ukbassradio (8pm-10pm gmt) and also bi-weekly on a Sunday, (Alternating with Equinox’s Scientific Wax Show) on jungletrain (6pm-8pm gmt)

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